Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Couple More Drawer Shelves...and a "coffee station" gone crazy!!

It all started with a couple more drawer shelves...

...and turned into a coffee station gone CRAZY :)

I had my husband help me hang and couple more shelves today...

It started innocently enough...

A couple of drawers on the wall...add a metal pan and a cabbage slicer for photos.

Throw in a bottomless crate, a couple of clocks and some blue bottles and pitchers.
But it still needed "something"...

...enter a couple of license plates and a cool yardstick...MILK, CREAM, EGGS...perfect :)

And then the thought..."I've always wanted a "Coffee Station".

And then of course those little built in shelves needed a "tweaking" to coordinate.

Coffee time?

Or are you a "tea person"?

Remember my little K-cup stand?

Not coffee time?  Just close it up...

Does that ever happen to you??  "Snowball effect"?  I'm kinda "famous" for it at my house.  My husband's exact words were "Whoa, that's a lot".  He'll get used to it...and then I'll start "tweaking" again!!

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  1. Love your coffee station - and so many of your projects have joined together to make a stunning vignette/station that is practical as well as totally fun. The 'closing the box' was such a neat surprise.

  2. Hey now...gone crazy is always a good thing:) It looks great and very "cool" too!!


  3. Love the old crates on the wall - what a charming coffee bar!

    I am your newest follower.


  4. I love decorating with crates. Love the little black and white drawers too. They can be used for so many things. I look forward to visiting more.

  5. Ooo, I want to come have coffee at your house Laurel--so cute and inviting. Although I am glad to see you have tea too--I am trying to drink tea on weekdays--save coffee for the weekends.

  6. Love your coffee station...but at my house it would be a tea station instead as we are tea drinkers. I just recently purchased some of those little globes at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I love old crates and yours look great in the coffee bar.


  7. i love your home and every lovely ideas!
    kisses from Poland:*

  8. It's eclectic and gorgeous - LOVE !!!
    I've been known to repaint a room for one little teeny design element so I completely get it lol

  9. I love the drawer shelf. So fun to visit here!

  10. That is an adorable little coffee station Laurel! You have such great vintage items everywhere in your home!

  11. Laurel, I love what you've done! I had not seen that K-cup stand since I only recently started following you - it's awesome! Great job - all of it!

  12. Perfect, Laurel! Now if only I drank coffee or tea. :o) In a couple of weeks, something warm will be needed!
    Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

  13. love, love, love! and is there such a thing as too much?! your little coffee station looks awesome! i have a pile of drawers saved for this exact purpose- i need to get those hung! thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  14. Snowball effect huh? No of course that never happens here. Uh uh.

  15. You have such a wonderful way of putting everything together to look beautiful! I wish I was half as good at that and then my house might just look decent! lol

  16. Very cute!!! I've been wanting a little coffee station and a hot chocolate bar for the winter time! Thanks for some inspiration! :) Happy sweet day! xx Holly

  17. Ohhhh how fun!!!! I wish I had the space in my house for a coffee/tea station!!! And by the way, you can never have too many drawer's just not possible! Love it Laurel!!!

  18. I think this is very cool and I love the way you displayed your coffee.


  19. Laurel too cute. You are giving Starbucks a run for their money with this cute coffee station. Love the shelves.

  20. This is really awesome! I just started using drawers for shelves too but I never thought to use them when they are still old looking! I paint mine! you've got me rethinking how I'm doing the rest of mine! :)

  21. Love it! Especially the blue mugs. Looks great!

  22. Your coffee bar is adorable! I love all your junky (AKA lovely) accessories.

  23. Love every single detail...fantastic!

  24. I like this coffeee station. I must smile about the word on your coffeemaker. " keurig" it's a dutch word and it means something like fine or nice.


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