Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our First Pallet Project...coffee table or comfy perch...

We finally joined the "Pallet Party"...

Better late than never?
My husband saved these heavy duty pallets from the burn pile.  He washed them up and coated them with a layer of matte poly.  I suggested we add some wheels and he just happened to have some in the garage.  He's been holding out on me!
Now we have one extra large coffee table...and with the addition of a couple of pillows it became a fun little "perch" for a game or additional party seating.
Tic Tac Toe anyone? ;)
Or how about a picnic?
So how about you?  What have you made with pallets?  So many fun ideas out there...I'm sure this is just the beginning for us.
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  1. Crazy over them!!! You did a great job! Glad you got on the pallet wagon! Love the little game board and pieces too...you are so clever!
    Happy day! Vicki

  2. What a great job. This is great. Love this.

  3. Wow...I REALLY like what you have done,the look very JDLish to me!!! So pretty!

  4. Great pallet table with the wheels!! Love the double decker look to make it a bit higher. Perfect for the outdoors.
    Mary Alice

  5. Very impressive pallet table. Looks like hard work to me...How nice to have a handy hubby!

    I love the tic tac toe game board too! great idea! I am so loving you blog.

    ;Dianaruth @ ChubbyAnecdote.net

  6. Awesome looking table the two of you made...thanks for sharing it at my party.


  7. Don't think I didn't notice that tic tac toe game too!


  8. great idea. love it!


  9. Good grief that is fantastic! And I adore that tic-tac-toe game! The wheels are the perfect touch -- I haven't made anything with pallets yet but I SO want to try it.

  10. Wonderful table. I like that you kept the basic pallet look. Adding wheels is genius. I'm sharing on my Once Upon a Firefly FB page.

  11. I love this table. I am going to bookmark this page for sure. I think I already have wheels that would work, but I certainly don't have your cool accents! Very well done!

  12. It is an awesome portable coffee table. It is the most brilliant idea I have seen all day! I love the pillows! Where did you purchase them? I never really put much thought to what a pallet could be used for. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  13. A great use of pallets! Love your word cushions too! I'm your newest follower. ~Ann

  14. Love this, Laurel! I don't know how I missed this before, but just saw it over at Common Ground. I haven't done a pallet project yet, but hope to some day :)
    Yours is super cute.


  15. This is so cute! We have a couple outside, I've been wanting to make something with them! This looks so great! Did you nail the one on the top down? :) Have a great weekend! xo Holly


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