Thursday, June 6, 2013

Got JUNK? Our mix-matched potting area...

Now this is one area I know you haven't seen...

This little potting area just sort of fell you can probably tell :)

Yep, that's a real water line coming out of the wall.  Mr CwC strikes again...lucky me!

I planted a little petunia in this meat grinder just for fun.  I wasn't sure if it would far so good.

Here's another little working sink my husband whipped together from random goodies.

It's back by the fire pit...s'mores get messy :)

So maybe I should have kept this little junky mess to myself??
Oh well, now you've seen it "all" :)
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  1. Super cool Laurel. I usually use hens and chicks or sedums in my smallish junk planters but the petunia may be okay as long as it is watered a lot. Nice husband for hooking up the water for you.

  2. I would love to have a potting area like this... your meat grinder just sent me on a wild chase through pinterest...looking at all the cute ways to use meat grinders.
    be careful if you search meat grinder on pinterest. There are things there, that you CAN'T UN-SEE with your eyes. :/
    But yours is adorable...with the little Petunia in it! :)


  3. I LOVE the rigged up sink. Pinning that because I want one too, like you said smores get messy!


  4. Laurel, Laurel, Laurel! Have I got a deal for you?!! A free vacation stay in the beautiful South...only catch, Mr. CwC has to rig me up an outside sink. I don't have a galvanized sink...yet! But I do have an old porcelain one. Think about it ;-)
    I just got back from an Estate Sale...still on that high! Love your potting area!!! Enjoy it!!

  5. So charming! It's no junky mess, that's for sure. I could really use some running water right next my unsightly potting bench.

  6. I'm so jealous of your working sinks. I have a garden hose, does that count? Seriously love your potting area setup!

  7. OH this is so cute!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the plant in the grinder!!! and also the little pieces of white fencing (?) in the background. No junk here -- just classic cool stuff!

  8. AND I like this whole setting because I feel I could never have one of those big, potting benches that I've seen but what you've done here is not only "do-able" but WAY cute!

  9. LOVE the letters on the bicycle wheel!!!! I love using old stuff in my yard decor! I posted spring iew pictures of my yard.

    Visiting from Funky Junk! Im now a follower!!

    Shelly- MinettesMaze


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