Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Fun Week...Shop, Show, Shop...

Wow, what a week!!
Here's a little photo (heavy) recap of what I've been up to...
The fun started last Thursday when we did the window for the shop we have a booth in...
Here's a look around...

An old coat rack from a Kindergarten.

We are "in love" with this old post office piece.

Cafe table from a wash tub...why not??

This metal baby bed is a "unique" find...so many fun re-purposing options, but PLEASE don't put your baby in it!! 
And then on Friday we headed over to Otten Bros. to set up for the JunkMarket Trunk Show on Saturday.
Our booth was in the garden shop...we were surrounded by LOTS of fun gardening goods.  Great for shopping...not so great for photos.  Hopefully you get the idea :)


It was a GREAT show...lots fun catching up with junk friends and meeting new ones.  It sounds like there will be more on the calendar...I'll keep you posted!!
Then on Sunday we got a call that Joan's cool post office desk sold out of the window...so on Monday back we went to fill the space and add some more :)

We even had a "little helper"...future "junk girl" for sure :)
Again...all of the pillows and signs in our booths were made by my booth partner Joan from Signs of the Times.
Here's the "new" look.

The "baby bed" got a new look too...wine bar??
As we say in MN..."UFF DA"...I'm ready for a "Jammie Day"!!  
And that is exactly what we are doing today :)
That's an "overview"...I'll be back soon to show you some of the little projects I made for the booths...until then...
Have a great week!!
Chat soon, 


  1. Pure eye candy, Laurel! The two of you make a wonderful team! Your spaces look awesome!

  2. Laurel,
    I see why that piece sold so fast...I so lovin' it as soon as I saw it. You two did an outstanding job displaying the window...gotta say...I love all the pillow and signs:) Enjoy your jammie day.


  3. One of these days I am going to make it for your sale, dear niece! So proud of you!
    Auntie A

  4. What a great window display! My inner Rhoda Morgenstern would have loved joining you!

  5. Who would have thought "junk" could be so beautiful...Glad you did well. I had your weekend on my prayer list...Blessings and keep on making beautiful things out of junk...

  6. You make JUNK fabulous !!! I saved the spoke and tire image to CHIPPING with Charm.. May want to feature that one day on my blog if okay with you . I loved it and thought that was such a fabulous Idea. WROTE that down .. When Out junkin and a PICKIN to find me an old tire .... LOVED it for my shop The Rusty Pearl ... HUGS sister and have a beautiful day !!!!!!

  7. great junk for sure! I surely hope someone does not get the idea of using that metal baby bed for a baby...

  8. Your booth is stunning! I pray the Lord will give me strength to take the leap one day and start my own shop! In time, in time! Beautiful!

  9. You are the best booth staging person! Love it all and want to take it all home with me. Maybe not the baby bed though. I thought it was a plant stand at first and then when I read your description I got weird pictures in my mind of babies years ago getting their arms stuck in the metal. It does make a lovely bar though doesn't it.

  10. What beautiful displays the two of you put together!! You make a great team! And how fun that vendors have the opportunity to decorate that cute little window space!! I enjoyed all your pictures. Enjoy your jammie day! I'm looking forward to mine with my little guy tomorrow. :)

  11. So cool! I'm new to your blog and am excited to see your designs. I wish I had my own shoppe!! Blessings~melissa

  12. Well, one thing I KNOW is that if I was closer, I'd be doing some shopping :) !

  13. Wish I could of stopped in to see you and say hi. You don't even want to here I was across the street at the Sherwin Williams and McDonalds drive thru.


  14. Love everything Laurel.....you make it all so fun and elegant at the same time! Especially love your little "junk helper"---you are raising them well ;)

  15. in my country there is no such store like this. maybe it can better, because I would not come from there:D

    ps. sorry for errors - my english is not vell:P

  16. I love shopping in junk store...and love making makeover of these junk pieces of items such as home furniture pieces, accessories, and etc.

  17. LOVE those pillows! And I'm not surprised the post office piece sold - very cool!

  18. What wonderful junk! My husband thinks this statement is SO nuts! Your vignettes are just great! What fun...wish my shop had a window area!

  19. I was reading your blog and wishing I could shop some of those items and couldn't believe when I read below the picture that is in my town. What are the chances of finding you online and you are in Elk River???? Can't wait to go check out the antique shop

    1. Thanks Emily...small world!! Let me know what you think :)


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