Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Wonderland...little "forests" popping up at my house...

Well, the Christmas decor is pretty much packed away for another year...I really have a hard time "letting it go".  My 5 year old felt the same way... I decided to leave a few "trees" out for her.

Why not?  After all, we live in Minnesota...there's a lot more winter to "enjoy"!!

Complete with snow.

Do you love my little aqua box?  I got it at Marshall's.

I got these white trees there too.  They were supposed to be for jewelry...but as you know, I rarely use things "as intended".  What fun would that be??

Here's another little "forest" on the to my birthday gift from my husband and kiddos...Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound.  It's from, so now you know, not everything I own is DIY, thrifted and repurposed "junk".  Gasp!!!  But mostly ;)

And here's my version of the "Funnel Tree"...on candle sticks :)

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And now that my house it pretty much back in "order"...I can get busy messing it up again getting ready for this show coming soon...

We did it last year and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  
If you'd like to see pictures from that event, you can see them HERE :)
Hope you can make plans to attend...I can't wait!!
Have a great weekend, 


  1. love your little forest! the amazing grace sign is pretty "amazing" too... lovely but fun winter display. visit my "royal blog"sometimes for a little humor & inspirations...tiff

  2. love the trees' grouping.As a true Italian,I left the actual Christmas tree up until a few days ago. Last night my husband wanted to turn the tree lights on,and realized I had taken it down :)

  3. love the trees' grouping.As a true Italian,I left the actual Christmas tree up until a few days ago. Last night my husband wanted to turn the tree lights on,and realized I had taken it down :)

  4. Your winter vignettes are just adorable. I love the funnel and insulator trees. Very clever!!

  5. Love the winter wonderland. Fun trees and a beautiful sign.

  6. Love your displays. I'm dragging my feet with putting away Christmas. I hate to wait another 11 months until I see my decorations again!

  7. I do love your little aqua box! And the trees create a little winter wonderland! :)

  8. Very pretty! I bought that same sweater tree from Target.

  9. Laurel, that just might be the prettiest winter vignette I have seen since Christmas has been over. I love it. The sign, awesome. Pinning it.

    February 2nd?!?!?!? Right around the corner.


  10. Oh Laurel, what a wonderful surprise to find your blog.. You are truly blessed with a wonderful heart and eye for beautiful decor. I am going to follow along with you. I hope yo will drop by and visit with me... nothing fancy...but we have our heart for decor and the Lord in common. I hope you will follow along with me too. Blessings!

  11. Loved this post and what you do with the scrabble letters ... SO creative !!!!!

  12. I'm loving all your trees, especially the funnel ones!!! I also love all the snowflakes! So pretty!

  13. Hey - Happy 2013! I keep out my little trees and snowflakes until Easter. Can't bare to take them down. I also keep up my a 3' white lit tree with some A, B & C ornaments (our initials)...oh, and also wreaths...they stay as well!

    Hope all is well in Minnesota!

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