Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Junk Market Under recap...Day Two...

Hello again :)
I'm still recovering here from last weekend's fun sale...I showed you pics from Day One yesterday.  If you missed it you can see that HERE.
We had a crazy fun first day...sold we reset, and dare I say I like Day Two better???  It's just a little bit more thinned out and a little bit less "hectic" so I can enjoy displaying a LOT more.  I'm still kind of a "newbie" when it comes to shows...and while displaying in my home is quite a passion for opens up a whole new can of insecurities when you do it in a public space like that.  Can any of you relate??? 
So's Day Two at JunkMarket Under Glass...

LOVE the addition of the green chairs with the pillows.  And the little trees in the file drawers :)

The gazebo in the middle was a fun focal point.  Our booth partner Larry from Country Junk made it using all salvaged materials.  It sold on the second day...and lucky for us they decided to wait to pick it up until after the show. 

My other booth buddy, Joan makes the amazing signs and pillows...this might be my favorite one EVER.  Wish I had a wall left to put it on at my house ;)

Of course there were a "few" wreaths.

The ladder got a new look too...don't you just love ladders?  One can never have too many.  The perfect junk show accessory ;)

Day three was crazy from the moment I stepped in the door...I never took another picture!!  But here's a photo Joan took of some of the shoppers and Larry's wife Cindy working hard :)

So there you have it...what a fun weekend!!  Did I say WOW???  I met and saw so many fun people...I don't think I'll try to mention all the names for fear I'll miss somebody!  But a big thanks to everyone who came out...let's do it all again next year OK?

JunkMarket Under Glass March Madness 2013
February 28th-March 2 2013

Chat soon,


  1. I didn't know the gazebo was for sale too! You guys had one of the best booths there.


  2. Congrats on the success of your show. There looks to be some amazing stuff in your space and you did an awesome job displaying it. I bet you're exhausted!!

  3. Oh Laurel, everything looks so wonderful! I would have been drawn to this booth from a mile away. That gazebo was the perfect thing to make your booth stand out. I'll have to remember that. I'm thinking of doing a booth at a show this summer and stressing out about it already. You do such a nice job with display, this is a post I will be revisiting when the time comes.
    I'm so glad your sale was a success.

  4. Looks terrific. Awesome displays. Too busy to stop is a good thing as it makes the car easier to load at the end! Looking forward to hooking up with Miss Sue for Vintage Marketplace in Springfield. Busily stockpiling! Glad you had a great show.

  5. Great booth setup! I'm drooling from the uber-exposure to all those great items. The gazebo is definitely an eye-catcher. Good luck!

  6. Your booth looks fabulous and I'm glad you had so much fun and a lot of success! I LOVE that sign your boothmate made!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  7. Love your display. You definitely have the touch. I've been doing shows for many years, and I completely understand it knocking the wind out of you.

  8. Hi, Laurel! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! It's always great to meet other believers and support each other. I love your decorating style and am following you now! Please stop by any time!


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