Monday, November 21, 2011

Celebrating with Family...

We're taking a little break from wreath posts today ;)

My aunt recently retired from Tyndale Publishers AND celebrated a birthday.

The Sanders family gathered to celebrate and I had fun "playing" around with the serving table decorations.

You may need to take a moment for your eyes to adjust :)
The rest of the photos are from the event...and a BIG change in lighting...

Her friends at Tyndale made these fun magazine covers with photos of Aunt Mavis for her "red carpet" retirement celebration.  We borrowed them :)



And most of all ENJOY!

We love you Aunt Mavis...thanks for letting us celebrate YOU!
May God bless you richly as you enter this new and exciting time in your life.  You are such a blessing to all of us and a bright, shining light for God and His love and faithfulness.  Thank you!!!

Love and prayers,


  1. A beautiful table, neat idea with the message on the paper bags.

  2. Glad you were able to celebrate with your aunt! Love all the table decor!!

  3. All the best to your aunt! The tables looked lovely!


  4. Such a clever way to decorate! Love the bags -- adorable!


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