Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shedding Some Light...

It's so fun to see all the great projects starting out the new year.  We've been busy here...our first re-do for 2011 is our bedroom.  And I'll tell you, it's about time.  I'm sure you'll agree when I show you the before and after pics...when it's ready.  But since it's not quite ready for the "reveal" I thought I'd show you what I'm doing with a piece that lost it's spot in the redo.

This was a shelf that my husband built for me years's been up in our room covered with books and know how books "breed" dust right?  I decided to go for a cleaner look this round so out it came.  But I wasn't quite ready to part with it yet...and we're pretty much out of wall space... 
Then I remembered one of many inspiring posts by "Funky Junk Donna".  I loved how she plopped those storage racks right in front of her windows in her Blogging Office...I bet you've seen it, but if not take a peek HERE.
So that's where it my Great Room.  Where we spend most of our time...playing, relaxing, dancing and creating.

And now I've been busy filling up the shelves with glassware full of junk goodies. Since most of my projects are done at my Dining Room table I figured if would be a great place to store my junky bobbles...

I guess it only makes sense, since I have little junk goodies stashed everywhere else...

Do you remember the "Sentimental Treasures" I keep in my "Honeymoon Hutch"?

Or how about my big ol' "Bowl O' Junk"?

I'm still wondering if it's too crowded...but I think I live with it here for a while and see how it feels :)

A little update...

A few months later...I ended up going a little bit "cleaner"...I love how the empty aqua glass fills the shelves while the sun has plenty of room to shine on through.

And since this little idea was literally inspired by Donna and her "authentic" style, I'm linking up with Amy over at Whisperwood Cottage for her Authentic Style Series featuring Donna and here very inspiring style.  Head on over and take a peek...

Linking up over at Whisperwood Cottage...

WhisperWood Cottage


  1. I love the idea of putting your favorite junk items into glass bowls for display. It looks great on that display shelving unit. I just love that idea and I might have to steal that idea for my home. Awesome!

  2. So FUN!! I love how your shelving will never feel like dark holes! So awesome! And your clear glass is wonderful!

    So glad my goofy little Ikea garage style shelving inspired you! :)


  3. Wonderful ideas Laurel! I love lots of stuff around makes me feel all cozy. :) I really love your shelving idea.

  4. Your shelves & all their occupants look great! And....I think your photography is incredible!

  5. Great Idea and I love all your items. Having a great time exploring your blog. SO happy I found you!

  6. Hi Laurel!
    I like the shelf in front of the bright. I've admired Donna's for a while:-)
    I have my stainless steel work table in front of a picture window in my workroom. Lots of light to work by.
    I also have those same black alphabet tiles you have them!
    Can't wait to see your re-do! Vicki

  7. Looks all your goodies:)


  8. Great shelving unit! Love the new location. That Donna is full of inspiring ideas! You've made it your own though, and it looks fabulous!


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