Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Centerpieces...

So I saw the theme for Donna's Funky Junk SNS and I thought, bummer because right now my centerpiece is a painting drop cloth...I am right smack in the middle of about 15 things.  And then I saw my sweet friend and thought..."she's so smart" why didn't I think of that???  So here goes...

Over the past year I've done quite a few centerpieces for functions at our church.  I have joking-ly even referred to it as a "Centerpiece Ministry"...but really I can't carry a tune and I'm not much of a "teacher" but centerpieces I enjoy :)

Here are some I did for our MOPS group at church...their theme this year is "Momology"...hence the text books, pencil flowers and coffee cups :)

And our fall Women's Ministry Event...

The "Redeeming the Season" Christmas Event...this year...

...and last year.
So there you have it...thanks for the idea, and inspiration Lezlee!
And thanks for the party Donna :)
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Thanks for stopping by! Now I'd better go get ready for church ;)


  1. What a beautiful group of centerpieces!! Love 'em all!

  2. That Lezlee at Prior is something else, isn't she? Always full of good ideas! Glad she got you to bring out your centerpieces...they are all very nice. I love the newspaper flowers! Happy Sunday! Vicki

  3. oh, you are so sweet! Whouldn't we have fun if we went to the same church! I def. feel it is a talent I can use for the Lord and when you servc using the talents God gives you it it makes the work such a joy. I love the momology flowers!


  4. I love your centerpieces and love that this can be a minsitry. I think anything we do for the Lord and His people is a ministry. Great!

  5. All of your centerpieces are wonderful. You are really creative, I love them all!


  6. Very pretty, Laurel...I love the nativity figures with the greens, especially!

  7. I love centerpieces!! They are so fun to do. These are great!

    Please come on over and enter
    my giveaway as well!!


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