Sunday, February 9, 2014

Testing, Testing...reposting Michaels Pinterest Party...

Hello again :)
Experiencing more "technical difficulties"...

The other day I posted about the Pinterest party at Michaels stores next Sunday, Feb 16th.  
Did you see that one?
If not, here's the link...

I posted about the party and a did a tutorial on the project I put together as one example for my location in Maple Grove, MN.

I noticed that the post never showed up in "Blog Rolls" and I never I received the Chipping with Charm email.  Did you?
I'm hoping it's just a "glitch" and that this one with post "as usual".  Any of your sweet comments and/or tips would be more than welcome.  
Oh how I wish I was better at the computer side of blogging...or that I had someone to do that part for me...I just want to "make stuff" :)

Happy Sunday friends!
Bless you,


  1. I think these look so cute!! Love the little buttons in the bottom too! Happy Sunday!! xo Holly

  2. Hi Laurel. Yes- it shows up on my blog as of last Thursday but I was taking a few days off from blogging. I show that you got six comments on the other post about it. Great post, by the way! xo Diana

  3. Laurel, I can't help you with the computer stuff (sorry!) but I love your bottle project! So cute :)

  4. Very sweet bottles I have been having problems with my blog too. But I think I got it now!! LOL at least I hope so!! XOXO Love Fran.


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