Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowy Day = Project Day!!!

We are finally getting a little snow here in Minnesota...and it just happens to be my one full "project" day...minus my "little helpers".  So I plan to cozy up at home and dig in!  Wish me luck...and some "Divine Inspiration"...

I'll tell you more about these sweet little flowers I've been puttering around with soon, promise :)

Still getting ready for the JunkMarket "Pamper Yourself Trunk Show"...more details HERE.

Chat soon,


  1. Well now, aren't they just precious! Can't wait to see how you did them. Thank you for stopping by Take Six! Your newest follower!

  2. The flower is precious! I wish you all the best on your project day!

    We were supposed to get snow today and it might have missed us. I think we have had a total of 4 inches so far this winter! Very odd!


  3. OH enjoy your Snow... I would LOVE to have some of it... :) Especially since we are still in the HIGH 80s... Doesn't feel much like Winter around here... ;)

  4. I love those flowers - soooo cute!

  5. Such a cute little blossom! Have fun on your "snow" day!


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