Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bracelet "Snow Ladies"

Hello out there...
Like most of you...I am "supposed" to be getting ready for Christmas.  Today is my "cleaning" day...but I am so easily distracted...
My sweet little 4-year old was playing with a little stash of bracelets I had been collecting...for who knows what :)
She so sweetly said "Mom, can we make some-thin with these?" 
"Like what?" I asked
"How about snowmen?" she replied...
Isn't she clever? asks the proud mama ;)

So "twist my arm"...I dropped my cleaning duties and that's what we did :)

So easy-peasy, we just attached the assorted bracelets with twine and added a few simple "accessories" and there you have it.

Hang them on a knob...

...hang them on your tree. 
Whatever...works for me :)

Thanks for stopping by...now I'd better get back to "work"...the clock is ticking!

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  1. Your daughter is so clever! Not only her creativity, but also getting you out of housework. Her idea is super cute.

  2. She's learning from the best! She is pretty clever.

  3. Laurel that is a SUPER DOOPER cute idea.... I love it... don't forget I have my linky party going on and would LOVE for you to link this up http://shoprubyjean.com/2011/12/sew-crafty-tuesday-linky-2-and-highlights/

  4. Through the eyes of a child we can see all things clearly! Very sweet and oh so special! hugs, Linda

  5. These are adorable! So glad you took time to play!

  6. Like mother like daughter. What a sweet project to do with her! Bet she's so proud of them!
    Check out my blog today, I featured your bedspring wine bottle bling. I finally got around to making one of my own and credited you for the inspiration.

  7. what a fabulous and wonderful idea! thanks for sharing! holiday hugs...your newest follower! : )

  8. Laurel, as they say "the apple does not fall far from the tree". She just started early! Darling!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Smiles, Alice

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  10. Just beautiful, Miss E! I think your cousin is going to try to make some too! Love, Auntie Heidi


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