Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Would You Buy It? Please say yes...

Hi everyone...if you are a follower of my little blog you might already know that I have been frantically preparing for the JunkMarket Under Glass "Fall Edition"So with set up dates fast appreaching I haven't had much time to post and comment...please forgive me.  After next week I hope to be back in the "loop".  Thanks for understanding...

I thought I'd take a quick break from my sorting, painting, cleaning, creating to see what you see this is my first time doing an actual booth at one of these big events.  Thankfully I have 2 friends in my booth...but still as excited as I am, I'm a little...ok a lot...nervous.  In addition to the "practical to pretty" junk creations that I love to do...I've been collecting as is "junk" to sell as well.  You know, "add some flowers"..."put a candle in it"..."clip a picture to it" kind of junk.  And frankly...I think I've collected a little TOO MUCH of it...oh no!!!  So now I just want to know...WOULD YOU BUY IT???  
So here's a little peek around...tell me what you think...

Lots of "heavy stuff"...for layering and stacking...

An assortment of old wheels...

I do have further plans for these bike rims...notice the added door knobs...

I just LOVE old grates...

Of course some "chippy" goodies...I'm planning to paint those big spindly things.  Thinking cream...

I think I may have to keep that old church sign...I love old church stuff...

Metal boxes drawers and bins galore...

Remember these old drawers?  They are coming with me too :)

I'll post pictures next week and show you how it all looks in our space.

So as you can see I went a little crazy collecting...and I only gave you a little peek.  So please, oh please tell me you would buy some of this stuff...otherwise I'm in big trouble!!!  My hubby is gonna have to park his car in the garage soon :)  

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Wish me luck ;)


  1. I think you have some amazing junk and YES I would buy some of it for sure! Love the bike wheels with the door handles! I love the old drawers and the metal boxes. I'm following your blog so I can see how things go at the sale! Good Luck!


  2. Heck yay I would buy them. Love the metal drawers and the grates. The only thing I'm not picturing are the wheels with doorknobs on them, but I'm sure they will be something cute when you're done.

  3. Oh wow! You have some amazing goodies there! Love anything architectural or "industrial" looking like those fabulous grates! I don't think I would have had the vision for the bicycle wheels but am hoping you'll share what you're going to do with them so I can be inspired!

  4. Why yes, yes I would. In fact I have purchased several of those items as evidenced by the leaning Tower of Pisa in my own garage! Happy junque selling!

  5. Your booth is going to be a huge success!! You have stuff that people want. I would be buying a lot of that stuff if I lived closer! Good luck with everything and I'll be looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  6. How I wish I was in Minnesota now . . . I would buy just about everything you have. First the gears, I know would be heavy, but would look great on a wall. The metal grates would get knobs for feet and then either leave as is or paint with heat resistant paint for much needed trivets. I could even maybe make shelves with them, or use them with hooks for keys, etc., my mind is just running with all the possibilities. I see a printers type tray, I would love to have. The wood balusters would become lamps or candle holders. The other pieces of wood could be signs for starters, I'm sure I can find some other uses. The ammo boxes (metal boxes) I not sure want I would do with them, it's more sentimental, I remember my Dad having them.

  7. You betcha I would buy it and I probably already have! lol So where is this fantastic sale? I'm in desperate need of a junking holiday!

  8. You found some amazing treasures. I am sure you will sell a lot of your stuff. Good luck.

  9. Oh my goodness Laurel!! I can kinda hear the nervousness in your voice!! STOP THAT!! You are so talented! Women are gonna love your ideals! Cuz sometimes it hard to look at something and see something else. That first picture I would buy cuz it remeinds me of my step Dad who worked for Consumers Power in Flint, MI.when I was alittle girl and he is gone now. Those door knobs kinda rock out those wheels. Curious as to what you are going to do with them? Take a deep breath and know you will be blessing other women with your tresures!! Keep us posted and take lot's of pics!!!! XO Fran.

  10. Not to worry, I think you should have lots of buyers for all that treasure! If I wasn't so far away I'd come get the spindely things myself!

  11. Good honk Laurel! Of course it will sell! If you build it they will come and buy! You have some really good goodies!
    Wish I could be there to be your first sale! you go girl !
    Smiles, Alice

  12. OH, you have lots of great junk, are going to have some FUN!

  13. Is that a gas meter??!!
    You have a great variety of "junk" that the folks will love! It will go great for you!!!
    deb :)

  14. oh Yea, you are gonna wish you had even more of that junk to sell, it will go sooooo fast!
    Good luck with your sale!

  15. Laurel Love I'd shop up a STORM with you....I think your grates are GREAT as they're a personal FAVE....I have a feelin' you're trip home will be a lot LIGHTER....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)


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